Fly with Colt 100


The Colt is a pure joy to fly. Building a better flight training aircraft by design.  

Fly with Colt 100


The Colt is a pure joy to fly. Building a better flight training aircraft by design.  

Modern Design Built on Decades of Experience.

Texas Aircraft started in 2016, but our heart was formed decades earlier. With a team who had made more than 300 planes amassing approximately 150,000 flight hours to their credit to design the Colt.

As result is the Colt 100, a value-priced LSA that is sleek, stylish, safe and most of all, a lot of fun to fly - and it’s the only American made LSA featuring a trifecta of superior features:

. semi-cantilever, high-wing design

. all aviation-grade aluminum airframe with all solid metal rivets

. a welded chromoly passenger safety cell with an optional GRS ballistic parachute.

In 2018 we designed and built an all-new manufacturing facility specifically for Colt production in Hondo, Texas just west of San Antonio. We’d love to talk with you, learn your needs and answer any question you have.


We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Introducing the Colt S-LSA Light Sport Aircraft

Texas Aircraft is proud to introduce the Colt-SL, a new-generation Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA), offering many advantages including a high-wing design, all-metal airframe, solid metal rivets, welded passenger safety cell, dual yokes, Galaxy GRS parachute, Dynon touchscreen NextGen avionics, and much more.

Logo Colt 100 LSA

Exceptional safety through superior 

modern design and Technology.

Colt parachute step 1
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  The pleasure and fun of flying safely  

  Texas Aircraft Colt comes standard withan anything but “standard” avionics suite.  

Take the reins of 100 Horses.

Colt 100-S and SL version

Performance Specifications*:

Engine Type: 100 Horse Power Rotax 912 ULS

Maximum Cruise Speed: 118 KTAS*

Cruise Speed at 75% power: 105 KTAS*

Stall Speed - 0° Flaps (Vs): 44 KIAS

Stall Speed - 30° Full Flaps (Vso): 38 KIAS

Fuel Economy (at 75% power): 4.9 US gal/h

Takeoff Distance (ground roll): 565 ft (168 m)

Landing Distance (ground roll): 285 ft (87 m)

Climb Rate: 760 ft/minute

Service Ceiling: 14,500 feet

Gross weight: 1,320 lbs (600 kg)

Empty weight: 851 lbs (386 kg)*

* Empty Weight may vary according to optional equipment installed.

All data is subject to change without notice.

Colt 100



Pilot’s Operating Handbook ,  COLT 100 | Revision: G | Revision date: 04.23.2021


 Aircraft Maintenance Manual , COLT 100  | Revision: C | Revision date: 07.20.2020.


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